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Game Credits for Heather Logas

Disney Interactive Entertainment
Unannounced DS game for tweens -- Disney Interactive
  • Extensive design support
  • Game script polish pass
  • Coordination between Disney Burbank offices and Chinese subsidiary developer
Mighty Play logo Various Unannounced game projects for young children and tweens -- Mighty Play
  • Full Design Docs
  • High Level Game Design Concepts
  • Concept Artist Management
  • On-Site Brainstorming
  • Social Web
  • Facebook
  • MMO

Xtractaurs -- Mighty Play, Mattel
  • Content Writing for 7-9 year old boys
    • Manual
    • Player Ranking System
    • Tutorial
HumaNature Logo Unannounced MMO -- HumaNature Studios
  • Game Design Review and Recommendations
  • Mini-Game Design
  • Documentation
  • Paper Prototyping
  • General Design Assistance
Salamander Monster from Earth Eternal Earth Eternal MMO (Under Development) -- Sparkplay Media
  • Feature/Systems Design
  • World Background Development
  • Creature Design
  • UI Design/Mock-Ups
  • Documentation
Squirrel from Wallace and Gromit Wallace & Gromit Season 1 -- Telltale Games
  • Story Design
  • Full Game Design (with team)
  • Xbox 360 Controls Design
  • Documentation
  • Paper Prototyping
Wedding Scene from Sam and Max ep. 205 Sam & Max Episode 205: What's New, Beelzebub? -- Telltale Games
  • Early Story Design
  • Season Arc Design

Growing Great Things
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